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Managed Compliance Services

About Managed Compliance
Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your security controls

Once your company achieves compliance with federal regulations, it’s important to regularly monitor your implemented security controls. This is because many factors may affect your current controls, including hiring new personnel, acquiring new technology, entropy of internal policies and procedures, and more.

Prepare to be agile. CMMC certification will soon be a minimum requirement to be eligible for DoD contract awards, but this does not mean that contractors should view their cyber-compliance as “complete” once certification is achieved. DoD has emphasized that CMMC is a starting point and industry should maintain continued preparedness for evolving threats. Contractors that maintain security hygiene with ongoing Managed Compliance Services will be best positioned to compete in a marketplace less tolerant of cyber-related risks. S3 ARMSEC, LLC has the tools and knowledge to provide ongoing maintainance of your company's compliance.

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